Safety, Health & Environment

SMS Lifesciences believes in sustainable development. ‘Nurture the nature in which we exist’ is our motto and the reason behind our relentless vigil to ensure that we do not leave any negative impact on the environment due to our operations.

This is achieved through Raising Awareness and Empower employees through training. Equipping with technology and Ensure resources availability bringing out the best

SMS Lifesciences did not get satisfied by just investing considerable amount of money to provide state of the art pollution control equipment to minimize the impact of its activities on the environment but when faced with a challenge of looking at alternative for incineration of Methyl Mercaptan gas, looked it thru the prism of Green Chemistry and developed a very sustainable technology of converting the gas into an useful chemical which is reused back into the process.

The atom efficiency being 100, were the first one to adopt Green Chemistry Practices at an industry scale Marching ahead with greater confidence, we are in the process of installing Zero Liquid Discharge plants at all its facilities.

Environment protection is integrated from product development stage itself with environment pollution potential being one of the guiding parameters in developing the route of synthesis and also choosing the raw materials

SMS Lifesciences is in the process of developing and implementing ISO 14001 systems at its manufacturing facilities and expects to be certified soon.


The top management at SMS Lifesciences is very particular about the safety and health of its people and has been closely involved in implementing initiatives like

  • Trained and dedicated safety teams at facilities
  • Regular training and knowledge up gradation
  • Relevant firefighting equipment like hydrant systems and extinguishers
  • Personal protective equipment and trained first aid teams at facilities
  • Doctor on roll and ambulance at site